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I have been interested in nutrition for most of my life, although I was never an athlete or completely tuned in to what real nutrition is and means for our health. That interest was the start of my love for exercise and eating well! I got my undergraduate degree from UNC Charlotte in Marketing and Leadership Management. My first few years in the “real world” were spent doing global Marketing Communications for an outdoor power equipment company. During that time I met my husband, who slowly led me to a passion that I now believe was always my destiny. I have been a personal trainer since 2010 and have spent that time learning as much as possible about movement and nutrition and using it to inspire and help others change their lives.

When I discovered CrossFit in 2012, everything I thought I knew about fitness changed. I, personally and professionally had gotten to a point where regular gym workouts were no longer fun and started to feel like an obligation. I was desperate to find that “spark” that kept me motivated and inspired. CrossFit was everything I was wishing for and then some. The workouts were different from anything I had done before. I had spent so much time focusing on my cardio and endurance; I hadn’t realized I was nowhere near as strong as I could be. I was struggling through 10 minute workouts…and I loved it! Barbells, once feared and ignored, became my favorite equipment. I was able to get every part of my fitness routine done in an hour and got better results than when I was spending 2 hours a day working out. And the absolute best part about CrossFit is the people. Those people are the ones who cheer you on, share in your struggles, rejoice in your accomplishments, hold you accountable, and ultimately become your friends. It was instant love!

CrossFit delivers great results in a short amount of time and I believe it can fit into anyone’s busy schedule to allow that “balance” we all strive for. Darin and I are blessed with a son we had just 5 months after opening the Powell location. It has been an incredible journey raising a child while opening and growing a new business. It has been even more amazing to raise him in our box, surrounded by different people from every walk of life working their hardest to reach their goals and fullest potential. Our children are watching everything we do, and it’s our job to set the example.

My love and enthusiasm for connecting with people, pushing them to their limits, and introducing them to a healthy lifestyle that is manageable and lasting, paired with my belief in CrossFit as the perfect medium, led me to where I am today; Co-owner of Crossfit 928 with my wonderful husband, living my perfect dream and eager to share our love of Crossfit with the members of Crossfit 928.

  • Crossfit Level 1 Certification
  • Crossfit Kettlebell Trainer Certified
  • PTA Global Personal Training Certification
  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach
  • Currently pursuing Precision Nutrition Certification

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Darin Riffle
Phone (614) 825-0200

367 Village Park Drive | Powell, OH 43065

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