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928 logos final_Final Logo Small   Hey guys, I wanted to make a quick blog post to review some of the changes that have happened with 928 over the last several months, and discuss some other exciting changes that are on the way! We moved locations in November and are loving the new space. We moved into a space that has double the workout room, which has allowed us the opportunity to offer other classes outside of CrossFit. We have rebranded ourselves to 928 Fit (Home of CrossFit 928). We absolutely love CrossFit and have seen incredible results over the past 4 years with our members, however, we wanted to be able to offer other programming options. Having multiple fitness classes with their own separate focus allows our members to pick whatever fitness class they would like, depending on their goals. We as coaches can use our varied scheduling to help members put together the best plan for them. For us, adding other fitness classes makes our offerings more well rounded and ensures results, no matter what the goal might be. 928 Burn has been on our schedule for a year now and has gained a lot of traction since increasing our class offerings in the new building. This is a great class to switch up your current fitness routine or to supplement any strength or CrossFit training with more metabolic conditioning. We have had great feedback and results with our 928 Burn classes! We have another class we are in the process of adding this summer that is in the final phases of programming and scheduled to launch in June; 928 Endurance. We will be announcing more information on this class in the upcoming weeks. We are also excited to announce that we will have VO2 Max and RMR (resting metabolic rate) testing available starting this summer as well. Click on this link for an explanation of why VO2 max is important for measuring your fitness.


Class Descriptions

928 Burn uses low to moderate intensity intervals alternated with high intensity intervals to increase both aerobic and anaerobic endurance. With various equipment and movements, Burn is much more effective than steady state cardio due to the constantly varied programming and higher intensity. This helps your metabolism to run faster, resulting in fat burning that lasts longer to crush more calories all day. 20170123_141008

928 Endurance is about increasing your aerobic (cardio) capacity, through an increased heart rate and breathing over an extended period of time. We use speed endurance and lactate threshold training to increase overall work capacity. Our programming is always evolving, stayed tuned for future options! Just wanted to touch base with everyone to talk about all the amazing things going on at 928. Thank you for trusting our team with your health and fitness. #fitnessevolved #928fitfam #traintoinspire #928fit #crossfit928 #fitmoms #fitdads #powellohio

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